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Oh, my. It’s Friday the 13th, which means that we must pause in apprehension to consider the implications of such a frightful day. It also gives us an opportunity to talk about scary movies. Above, you’ll find the cover of Friday The 13th: Fearbook, published not so long ago in 2006 by Avatar Press. Trust us when we say that it one of the few Friday The 13th comic book covers we felt comfortable sharing with you, our dear readers. The rest, of course, were NSFW. On a similar occasion, back in 2013, we wrote:

It is Friday the 13th. Yikes. We thought about using the cover of one of the many Friday The 13th comic book adaptations in today’s post, but they were all too violent.

Very true. Earlier that year, we exercised a similar level of restraint:

By the way, don’t forget that today is Friday the 13th. Be careful out there, folks. (Please note that we resisted the urge to post the cover of a Friday The 13th comic book adaptation.).

In 2012, we posted a relatively tame Superboy cover but warned:

Today is Friday the 13th.  Beware.

All that said, on Friday, July 13, 2012, we dedicated our Friday Links post to the Friday The 13th film series, so please see here for that.

On an unrelated note, Plaintiff’s lawyers are now using Google Glass to create point of view “day in the life” videos for their clients to play before the jury. For more on that development, see here.

The TortsProf Blog notes that New York University law professor Cathy Sharkey has posted two new pieces to SSRN, including Tort-Agency Partnerships in an Age of Preemption and Agency Coordination in Consumer Protection. For more on that, please see here. We mention this, of course, because way, way back in March of 2011, we interviewed Professor Sharkey, and you can revisit that piece here.

Big news! Yoko Ono has settled a lawsuit!

Kevin Underhill’s funny book, The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance, is now available as an e-book. See here for our interview with Kevin about this project.

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