Friday Links

Oh, no! It’s Friday the 13th! Yikes! We shouldn’t even bother writing today due to fearful superstition. But intrepid bloggers that we are, we shall persevere. So, above, you’ll find not a comic book, but the movie poster for Friday The 13th, Part II, released way, way back in May of 1981. By the way, there are a series of Friday the 13th comic books, based on the films, but their covers were far, far too violent to post on a family friendly products liability blog such as ours. Trust us. (By the way, we’ve mentioned Friday the 13th, the day, not the film, previously on Friday Links, but we don’t think we’ve dedicated an image to it before today.).

Friend of the blog Max Kennerly of the Litigation and Trial blog responded to our earlier post this week on food product warnings. In so doing, Max, a Plaintiff’s lawyer, contends that we “said something careless.”  Ouch. To see Max’s full post, click here.

Our old friend Professor Alberto Bernabe of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago and the Torts blog discusses the recent Farias case from the 11th Circuit. That’s the one on bilingual product warnings. You’ll recall that we blogged about it here. In the past, we’ve had a back and forth discussion with Professor Bernabe on these issues, and he’s collected a series of links in his post to those discussions.

Whoa! We made last week’s Legal Blog Watch! Click here to take a look at that!

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