A Major Milestone: 1,000 Posts

Get this: You are now reading our 1,000th post here at Abnormal Use.  I know, we can’t believe it, either. Posting every business day since January 2010 has led us to this fateful point.

As you may know, we’ve previously paused to reflect on previous milestones: 100 posts back in May of 2010, 500 posts back in November of 2011,  700 posts back in July of 2012, and 750 posts back in October 2012.

But a thousand? That’s just nuts. Action Comics didn’t even make it to 1,000 issues (not that we can compare ourselves to it).

All this nostalgia prompts us to revisit our Abnormal Use mission statement, published on Monday, January 4, 2010, our first day of operations:

We, a group of attorneys working together at Gallivan, White, & Boyd, P.A. in Greenville, South Carolina, have started this blog in an effort to provide thoughtful and thorough commentary on federal and state products liability litigation. In so doing, we will analyze the latest reported opinions, news, and events relating to this area of practice. This is a broad topic, and we expect there to be a wealth of material to cover.

. . . [W]e will provide discussion and commentary in this area. To keep matters lively and interesting, we will occasionally pause to bring you lighter fare, including analysis of intriguing developments in general litigation and perhaps even thoughts on the depiction of products liability in popular culture. Whatever the case, we plan to bring you content you cannot find elsewhere.

Since we wrote that three and a half years ago, our firm has expanded and opened two new offices, one in Columbia, South Carolina, the other in Charlotte, North Carolina (where our blog editor now works). We’ve had lawyers join and retire from the blog. We’ve been cited by The New York Times, Scientific American, and NPR, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be named to the ABA Journal‘s Blawg 100 three years in a row. We’ve even managed to score a few interviews with Hollywood producers, actors, and other celebrities.  All the while, we think we’ve held true to our original mission, stated not too long ago (but three and a half years is a lifetime in blogging years).

This milestone simply could not have been reached without the support of our firm and our attorney contributors. We owe this success to them.

Above, by the way, you’ll find the cover of The Spectacular Spider-Man #1000, although that is somewhat misleading, as that series never actually reached that many issues. (They just labeled a special issue as issue 1,000.).

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