Abnormal Use Mission Statement

Welcome to Abnormal Use, a products liability blog. As with all meaningful enterprises, a blog needs a mission statement. There is no better place for that than a blog’s very first post. We, a group of attorneys working together at Gallivan, White, & Boyd, P.A. in Greenville, South Carolina, have started this blog in an effort to provide thoughtful and thorough commentary on federal and state products liability litigation. In so doing, we will analyze the latest reported opinions, news, and events relating to this area of practice. This is a broad topic, and we expect there to be a wealth of material to cover.

After reading the ABA Journal‘s December 2009 issue highlighting the Top 100 Legal Blogs, we noticed that there were not many dedicated generally to products liability litigation. Although we know that there are a number of blogs focusing on issues within that area of practice (including Jim Beck’s superb Drug and Medical Device Blog), we felt that there would be a place in the blogosphere for a more general discussion of products liability litigation. Thus, as set forth above, we will provide discussion and commentary in this area. To keep matters lively and interesting, we will occasionally pause to bring you lighter fare, including analysis of intriguing developments in general litigation and perhaps even thoughts on the depiction of products liability in popular culture. Whatever the case, we plan to bring you content you cannot find elsewhere.

We are all lawyers at a defense firm in South Carolina. Gallivan, White, & Boyd, P.A. is a litigation firm with a sixty year history in Greenville. Spearheading this effort will be myself and partner Stephanie Flynn, two of the leaders of our firm’s products liability team. Writing many posts will be five associates at the firm: Kevin Couch, Jim Dedman, Daniel Eller, Mary Giorgi, and Laura Simons.

As lawyers at a defense firm, we will bring that perspective to our commentary. However, we have enabled comments on our posts and hope to foster an environment where robust commentary will be respected and encouraged. We welcome your thoughts and input in this process.

Finally, because we are lawyers, we must direct you to our disclaimer. We remind you that in no way does this site create an attorney-client relationship and we are not offering legal advice via this medium. That said, we would encourage you to read the full and complete disclaimer.