Friday Links: 700 Posts!

Above, you’ll find the cover of Superman #700, published not so long ago in 2010.  We showcase this cover today because this, today’s installment of Friday Links, is our 700th post here at Abnormal Use. Can you believe that? We’re shocked ourselves.

You know what this means.

We occasionally, well, perhaps more than occasionally, pause to reflect upon our place in the world when we reach such milestones. Back in May of 2010, we remarked upon our very first milestone: 100 posts. Way later, in November of 2011, we celebrated the occasion of our 500th post.  We’ve even held parties for ourselves on our first and second blog birthdays. You know how we are.

Some would say 700 is not an appropriate number for recognition. Perhaps we should have waited until we reached 750, or even 1000 posts, to pat ourselves on the back as we do today. However, to anyone who says that, we must note that Superman never reached issue 750, so what comic book cover would we have used if we waited until that point? So there’s that issue.

Of course, this enterprise would simply not be possible without the support of our firm, Gallivan, White, & Boyd, P.A.. But the real heroes are our lawyer writers: Frances Zacher, Nick Farr, Rob Green, and Steve Buckingham. Week in, and week out, they submit thoughtful and funny posts to the site. Each of them offers a different voice and a unique perspective on the legal issues of the day. As friend of the blog Tony the Tiger would say, “They’re great!” (And yes, we too are surprised that this is the first time we’ve quoted a cartoon cereal mascot).

We also have you, our dear readers, to thank for reaching this milestone. In the two and a half years we’ve been doing this blogging thing, we’ve enjoyed your comments and your friendship. We’ll see you again at 1,000 posts!