Happy Labor Day!


As we often do, we were scouring the Internet for an appropriate comic book cover to use for today. There are not many comic book covers dedicated to Labor Day. However, the above comic book, Batman: Li’l Gotham #9, may suffice. Published earlier this year, this issue features a story which takes place on Labor Day (if you can believe it). Here’s the summary from the indispensable Comicvine website:

When Batman and Robin chase the cunning Clayface into Gotham City’s biggest Comic-Con, they run into security, other heroes, and trouble! And on Labor Day, Jenna Duffy—carpenter to Gotham City’s criminal class—takes the day off. But will interruptions doom her personal project?

Who knew?

On another note, we hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend. We here at Abnormal Use wrote this post far in advance and set it to run this morning so that we could celebrate the occasion. Although some of us here are a little disappointed with the results of the South Carolina football game on Thursday, we have mostly recovered. We trust that you have taken some time for yourself and your family and don’t overly dread the return to work tomorrow.

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By the way, this is our 1,250th post! How about that?

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