Friday Links

Above, you’ll find the cover of The Best of DC #16, published way, way back in 1981.  “Happy Anniversary” the cake on the cover proclaims, and we share it because of yesterday’s milestone.  In case you missed it, yesterday, we published our 1,000th post (which means this here edition of Friday Links is our 1,001st post.).  We still can’t believe it.  So we will celebrate. Try and stop us. If you’ve been with us for some or all of the duration, remember that you can follow us on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

Okay. Someone is litigating The Chipmunks movies. For real. See here. We would like to see the Word Index on one of the depositions to see how many times the word “Squeakquel” is used.

Whoa! “More than 60 percent of people pretend to have read books they haven’t, according to a recent survey.” We swear we read Finnegan’s Wake. Three times!

This is our new favorite photograph from 1978.  It’s of Muhammad Ali reading the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali comic book. Enjoy.

Check this out: “Top 10 Reasons Not to Bother With a Law Firm App,” written by the North Carolina Bar Association’s own Erik Mazzone.

This may be the most important public service announcement we’ve ever made: “Breaking Bad” will run long this weekend, so you may want to adjust your DVR settings.  For more, see here.

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