Friday Links

Now, we’ve mentioned comic book legal titan Tiger Lawyer before. The series was created and written by Ryan Ferrier, and we’ve mentioned it previously here, here, and here.  We’re really thinking about getting a print of this neat poster, depicted above. Do you think it would fit well in our office next to our diplomas?

Oh, no.  “ABC Considering 50 Scripts for Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ TV Series.” You know how we feel about that.

The Strange Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado is in a trademark dispute with a Massachusetts home brew shoppe called Strange Brew.  Oh, to be able to serve requests for production in that case! For more, see here. (Hat tip: Beer Pulse).

One again, @TweetsOfOld showcases the curious laws of yesteryear, this time the phone etiquette statute in Nebraska in 1910.

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