Friday Links

What is up with the mugshot procedures in the Gotham City Police Department? Apparently, it’s a free for all, and as depicted above, criminals can make a mockery of their mug shots with impunity. Surely the booking officers there have a bit more control over the process, eh? By the way, that’s the cover to Gotham Central #15, published not so long ago in 2004. (To see a different comic book mug shot profiled some time ago on Abnormal Use, click here.).

If you’ve ever asked yourself “where does [Plaintiff’s lawyer and blogger of note] Max Kennerly stand on frivolous lawsuits?”, then this series of tweets is for you.

Although we’ve knocked Bob Dylan in the past (here, a brief reference  here, and here), we must confess that we really dig his new album, Tempest.  Who knew he still had it in him? To learn more about it, see here.

Speaking of music, we note that the opening lyrics of Angel Olsen’s new song, “Miranda” are, in fact, the famed Miranda warnings. It’s a sad love song, though, not a ballad of criminal procedure. The song appears on the album Half Way Home, which was released earlier this month.

Congratulations to Abnormal Use blogger Nick Farr,  and his wife Jill, on the birth of their new son Hayden Andrew Farr, 9 lbs and 21.5 inches long born on 9/22 at 7:05 am. You can follow Nick on Twitter here!

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