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Lois Lane and Superman have a troubled relationship, it seems. Superman has cross-examined her during a lie detector test in a murder case, confronted her in jail and secured a confession of some sort, and accused her of murdering Lana Lang while Lois sat on the witness stand in a courtroom. Above, on the cover of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #84, published way, way back in 1968, we see a bit more of the same. “Superman! Identify Me! Tell him I’m Loise Lane . . . your friend,” she exclaims from her jail cell.  Superman replies: “Officer, I give you my word of honor this girl is a dangerous criminal. She must be imprisoned for life!” These two have serious problems.

A Southwestern University law professor has authored an article entitled “Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, Verse 2: A Close Reading With Fourth Amending Guidance For Cops and Perps” about the famous rap song. We direct that prof to our compilation of songs about lawyers.  (Hat Tip: Gawker).

As we we all know, lawyers thrive on caffeine, so check out this advertisement for coffee – from the year 1652. (Hat Tip: Walter Olson).

Once again, we return to the topic of My Cousin Vinny, that movie of movies. In an interview with Will Harris of The Onion AV Club, Ralph Macchio, the actor who played the title character’s cousin and client, shares some memories of that role.  Published earlier this week, the piece includes these thoughts from Macchio:

We all knew it was a funny script, and obviously Joe Pesci was at a peak there, with Goodfellas and everything going on. And Marisa [Tomei]… Who knew she would be the spectacular talent she is? I mean, we knew when we saw her, but who knew that was going to be an Oscar-winning performance? And Fred Gwynne… The whole cast was great. I had the part that was the least funny, but I had to be in the movie. And I got to say “the two yoots.” [Laughs.] People yell that out to me. I could walk down the street today, and someone could yell that out. That, and “I shot the clerk.” But it’s great to have a couple of those. My Cousin Vinny, The Outsiders, The Karate Kid… When I look back at that time, any one of those, you’d be happy with. So I got pretty lucky.

You can see our earlier My Cousin Vinny twentieth anniversary coverage here.

Lastly, be  honest, dear readers. How many of you are actually at work today, and how many skipped to go see The Dark Knight Rises?

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