Friday Links

Superman appears to be cross examining Lois Lane on the cover of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #100, depicted above and published way, way back in 1970. “Lois, do you deny having had this fight with Lana Lang?,” asks Supes, as he holds a photograph of Lane fighting Lang. “And after it you killed her – in cold blood?” he exclaims. Lois replies: “No! No! I’m innocent!” Meanwhile, a police officer notes that the lie detector needle “jumped like crazy” and that Lane will be executed. Uh, first off, we don’t think that polygraph evidence is going to be heard by the jury. However, we suspect that this scene may be illustrative of some deeper problems that Lois and Supes are having in their relationship. Back in April 2010, we showed you the cover of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #99, which shows Lane on trial for this very crime. And earlier this year, in May, we showed you Superman confronting convict Lois about another series of crimes and her resulting imprisonment. What’s up with all that?

Bill Latham at The HyTechLaywer Blog alerts us to a campaign by Nancy Patterson of to create a “Legal” category in the Apple iTunes App Store. Not a bad idea, that. As Patterson notes, there is a medical category, so why not a legal one? There’s certainly lots of legal apps. See here for more information.

Just when you thought Steve McConnell of the Drug and Device Law blog had topped himself with his post a few weeks back citing Nirvana, R.E.M., and The Beatles, he outdoes himself yet again. This past Monday, McConnell summarized a new Southern District of Ohio pain pump case using George Harrison song titles as a handy gazetteer. See here for the full post. (Although, we do wonder about the absence of “Got My Mind Set on You.”).

It’s off-topic for a law blog, but you might want to read this post The Signal Watch explaining why the author hates, above nearly all other things, talking about music. We are crestfallen.

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