Happy Halloween from Abnormal Use!

We here at Abnormal Use wish you a safe and eventful Halloween. As lawyers, we are many years from the halcyon days of our youth, but we fondly remember Halloween. It’s unfortunate that Halloween falls on a Monday this year, and we suspect some of you may have already celebrated this holiday of holidays this past weekend. But, we hope you saved some candy and scary stories (and perhaps even a pumpkin beer or two) for today. If not, we hope you at least have plans to do something fright inducing to celebrate the day – like answering written discovery. Last year, to celebrate the occasion, we shared with you our favorite scary movies. This year, we are a bit more low key. But yes, that that’s the cover of Bugs Bunny’s Trick ‘N’ Treat Halloween Fun #4, published by the Dell Giant Comics Series way, way back in the mid-1950s.

Happy Halloween!

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