Happy Birthday, Drug and Device Law Blog!

Last year, on October 28, 2010, we wished our friends at the Drug and Device Law blog a happy fourth birthday. Since they are some of the writers that inspired us to begin blogging, we do so again today and wish them a happy fifth birthday today.

We anticipate our friends at Drug and Device Law will engage in some introspective blogging today, just as they have done in years past on this special occasion.  After all, the anniversary of a blog’s birth is a significant opportunity to reflect upon the advantages and disadvantages of the blogging enterprise.  It provides the blogger a day to reminisce upon his or her favorite posts of the past year.  In the end, it is a great chance to analyze whether the blog itself has been successful in promoting one’s firm and business. It seems to have been for those guys.

We ourselves are certainly not immune to this sort of blogging, as we did so on our first birthday in January of 2011.  Indeed, we here at Abnormal Use have been known to go so far as to blog about the merits of legal blogging.  You can expect some more of that as we approach our second birthday – which occurs the first week of January.  (Get us a present!) At the end of the day, most bloggers write because they enjoy doing so, and it is very apparent that the guys at the Drug and Device Law blog have a good time offering their commentary to the world.  (Who else would turn a post about a recent pain pump case into a treatise on George Harrison?)

So, today, we wish them a happy fifth birthday and look forward to many more years of output from them.

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