Happy Birthday, Drug and Device Law Blog!

We here at Abnormal Use wish the authors of the Drug and Device Law blog a happy fourth birthday. That site’s first post, its “Disclaimer and Terms of Use,” went live on Saturday, October 28, 2006 (at 11:45 p.m. no less!). The first substantive posts would begin a few weeks later in November 2006, with two posts on November 15, 2006, “The Presumption Against Preemption” and “MDLS in 2006. ” Although its authors have unofficially declared October 30 to be the site’s birthday, we recognize it as today, the anniversary of the inaugural post. We’re sticklers.

The site is run by James M. Beck, Stephen McConnell, Will Sachse, and David Walk, all of the Dechert LLP firm. Mark Hermann, a founder and contributor, retired from the enterprise in December of 2009, having been there from the very beginning four years ago today.

When we here first began to consider the creation of a law blog, we looked to the Drug and Device Law blog (along with Walter Olson and Ted Frank’s Overlawyered blog) for inspiration and ideas. Since that time, we’ve also carefully considered the advice that Hermann offered in his recent article, “Memoirs of a Blogger,” about the perils of being a lawyer blogger.

After ten months of doing this ourselves, we now know that maintaining a law blog is no small feat. But we must congratulate the authors of Drug and Device Law not just for their endurance, but their ability to provide consistent and thorough analysis of the litigation they cover. If you’re interested in products liability generally – and if you’re reading our site, you probably are – you really should be checking out the Drug and Device Law site each day, as well.

So, without further ado, we wish them a happy fourth birthday.

For further reading, check out these philosophical posts they have done on their past blog birthdays:

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