Friday Links

Just in time for Halloween, we bring you the cover of The Witching Hour #51, published way, way back in 1975.  “Bring in the prisoner to face his judge and jury!” exclaims the skeletal judicial figure, while a menacing skeleton jury awaits.  We think this poor criminal defendant may have some constitutional arguments here (although we have our doubts as to whether this trial judge will sustain any such objections). And if this is the trial court judge, we’d hate to see the appellate panel!  Don’t forget, we’ve featured some other tough comic book cover juries here, here, and here.

Begins this recent piece in the Salem Eagle Tribune: “A Salem Superior Court jury has ordered Toys ‘R’ Us to pay more than $20 million to the family of a young mother who died five years ago after an inflatable pool slide sold by the national chain partially collapsed while she was using it during a pool party in Andover.” (Hat tip: Eric Nordstrom).

J. Benjamin Stevens, a/k/a The Mac Lawyer (who practices just down the road in Spartanburg, SC), appeared on the Lawyer2Lawyer podcast to discuss the impact of Steve Jobs on the legal profession.  To hear the podcast, click here.

Our own Stuart Mauney directs us to this piece in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog regarding alligators and the doctrine of “animals ferae naturae.” It’s probably been a while since you’ve referenced that legal doctrine in a brief, right? Yikes.

Our friends at The Law and The Multiverse are considering starting a second blog to discuss the application of law and legal principles in non-comic book fiction.  For more information, see this post (which includes a reader poll).

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