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Above is the cover of The Perry Mason Mystery Magazine #2, published way back in 1964. We’re not entirely certain what is occurring on the cover of this issue, but we suspect there might be some questionable “lawyer as witness” issues presented to the court. In fact, if that’s Perry Mason kneeling over the body before the police arrive, then might Mason himself be a suspect? Wouldn’t that be the perfect crime? No one would suspect him, primarily because he’s Perry Mason! We’re just supposed to take his word that he’s an innocent passer-by? (See our previous mentions of Perry Mason here and here).

University of St. Thomas law professor Mark Osler of the Osler’s Razor blog digresses from the discussion of law to talk about something far more important: Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith and their “Because The Night” collaboration. (In other Springsteen news, a fan recently paid $611 for the first issue of the Springsteen fanzine Backstreets, first published in 1980. Finally, in yet another Springsteen news story this week, it appears that Springsteen and Billy Joel may be able to reclaim ownership of some of their songs from the 1970s.).

Back in July of 2010, we remarked upon the Vampire Weekend lawsuit. Remember that? The band’s second album, Contra,  featured a 1983 photograph of a very preppie model on its cover, but apparently, there was an issue of whether the model ever signed a release for that photograph. Litigation ensued.  Well, according to reports, the band settled out of the case, although the band still maintains a claim against the photographer in the suit. We bet they won’t be using a cover model on their third LP.

In case you were in doubt,  you cannot win punitive damages against a dead person in Iowa.

If you like old photographs of forgotten places and times, you’ll love the Shorpy photoblog, which posts high resolution photographs, usually 100 years old or older. Most of the time, there are lots of photographs of New York City and Washington, D.C. and place like that. However, this past week, the site posted a photograph taken in February 1913 in Bluffton, South Carolina, just a few hours from our Columbia office. Take a look here to see what it was like to toil in the oyster business in South Carolina 98 years ago.

The bloggers at The Pop Tort are taking a vacation for the remainder of the summer. Alas.

Kudos to our own Luanne Runge, who was recently elected as the 2012 Chair-elect of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. She will serve as Chair in 2013. Congratulations also to our own John T. Lay, Jr. (of our new Columbia office, in fact), who was recently appointed Chair of the Business Litigation Committee for the International Association of Defense Counsel. For more information, please see here.

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of Luanne Runge, a shareholder in the law firm Gallivan White & Boyd, P.A., as 2012 Chair-elect of the Greenville Chamber by the organization’s Board of Directors. She will serve as Chair in 2013

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