Friday Links

  • We here at Abnormal Use love it when a discussion on the music blogs migrates over to the law blogs. Depicted above is the cover of Contra, the second album by the indie rock group Vampire Weekend. When the album was released earlier this year, the band refused to identify its cover model, but they did note that the photograph was taken way back in 1983. Last week, though, the model in question field suit against the band and the purported photographer, claiming that she never signed a release and that the photographer purporting to have taken the photograph 27 years ago did not, in fact, do so. News of the lawsuit started on the music blogs, but earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog took notice, summarizing the dispute as follows:

    So, an indie rock band chooses a 26-year-old photo of a unsuspecting mom from Connecticut for its new album cover, in which she looks like a schoolgirl about to be attacked by a vampire.

    So what?, XL Recordings, the label for Vampire Weekend, has said in response to a $2 million lawsuit by former fashion model Ann Kirsten Kennis, whose sultry 1983 photo graces the cover of the band’s newest album, Contra.

    The record label told that it has a legitimate licensing agreement for the picture and that it would see Kennis in court if she pushed her claim that the band was using the picture without her authorization. Click here for another story, from Entertainment Weekly.

    Kennis, however, claims that her signature was forged on a release form by photographer Tod Brody.

    Whatever comes of this suit, one thing remains true: it’s a great album.

    (See additional coverage of this lawsuit here and here).

  • You may recall that two weeks ago we mentioned Tito’s Wing Challenge, a contest at Grille 33 at the Channel, a local burger joint here in Greenville, South Carolina. Well, it appears that Greenvillians may not have been up to the task, as the contest has been watered down a bit, presumably due to local patrons’ inability to beat it. Just two weeks ago, a contestant was required to eat a dozen hot wings in 15 minutes and then wait 15 minutes before taking a drink. Well, as shown in the above photograph, Grille 33 has altered the challenge. Now, contestants need only wait five minutes before taking a drink after consuming all of their required wings.
  • The South Carolina Small Firm Blog has a post on disposing of old hard drives.
  • J. Benjamin Stevens at the South Carolina Family Law Blog offers these additional thoughts on Jennings v. Jennings, a new South Carolina Court of Appeals case we previously mentioned here. You’ll recall that was the case involving a wife’s surreptitious use of her husband’s email account and the legal ramifications thereof.

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