Friday Links

We hope you are doing well, dear readers. As you might imagine, it’s been a tough week.

We here at Abnormal Use are saddened by the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Are you looking to help the citizens of Texas? From yesterday’s E-Blast from the South Carolina Bar:

The Supreme Court of Texas has issued an order to allow out-of-state attorneys to provide legal services in Texas as part of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Bar members wishing to participate in these efforts must meet these requirements and complete and return the registration for temporary practice of Texas law attached to this order. The State Bar of Texas has also asked attorney volunteers to fill out this form regarding assistance they are able to provide. More information about how to assist will be provided as opportunities are organized.

If you can assist, please do.

On a lighter note, our favorite legal tweet of the week involves, of all things, the Oxford comma.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Vampire Weekend’s song, “Oxford Comma,” to celebrate.

As we ready ourselves for the Labor Day weekend, we wish all of you a safe and festive holiday. We will see you again next week.

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