Friday Links


Only one more week until Captain America: Civil War is released in theatres. We’re excited, as we are sure you are, as well. In fact, we are still recovering from the depressing onslaught of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so a new Cap film will be a nice change of pace. Perhaps we’ll provide a report of our thoughts on the film next week. In the meantime, above, you’ll find the cover of Civil War #2, published not so long ago in 2006 (which, although a decade ago, was a time a good Cap movie was still unthinkable).

Did you go back and listen to Purple Rain this week? If not, please do so. Of course, Prince didn’t make it very easy to find his songs online, did he? Nothing on Spotify, really. Alas.

Our favorite tweet of the week comes from our own Stuart Mauney (and you can see why we here at Abnormal Use dug it).

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