Our Favorite Posts of 2015

Now is the time that we, as consumers of media, are inundated with year end best-of lists. So, just as we have done in years past, we here at Abnormal Use have collected our favorite posts of this past year. If you’ve followed us from the very beginning, you know that we’ve posted at least every business day since January of 2010. That’s a lot! Looking back over our posts this year, it was difficult to choose our favorites. But, dear readers, the ones we enjoyed the most are linked for you below, along with their author and publication date. So, without further ado, fill yourself with nostalgia, just as we have, and revisit these entries from 2015.

Mourning The Death of Westlaw Classic (Jim Dedman, January 12, 2015)

Can Defense Lawyers Co-opt The Reptile Strategy? (Kyle White, March 18, 2015)

Federal Court Enjoins Reboots of “Twin Peaks” and “The X-Files” On “1990’s Estoppel” Grounds (Jim Dedman, April 1, 2015)

A Lawyer At Career Day? An Inspirational Journey Into The Minds of Fifth Graders (Nick Farr, June 2, 2015)

Why Can Plaintiffs Only Remember Solvent Defendants In Asbestos Cases? (Kyle White, July 22, 2015)

CPSC To Go Interstellar Against Space Buckyballs? (Nick Farr, August 3, 2015)

Media Still Trying to Cash-In On Hot Coffee Buzz (Nick Farr, September 22, 2015)

Halloween Special: Must Home Sellers Disclose That A Home Is Haunted? (Kyle White, October 29, 2015)

Star Wars and the Abnormal Use Law Blog: A History (Jim Dedman, November 12, 2015)

The Abnormal Use Guide To Holiday Safety (Nick Farr, December 7, 2015)

Plumber Sues Ford Dealership After His Old Truck Is Recruited for Syrian Civil War (Kyle White, December 16, 2015)

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