Friday Links


So, anyone see any good movies lately? We wonder how many lawyers – or others – mysteriously failed to appear at work today due to the release of a certain new movie. No spoilers! To celebrate the occasion, though, we recommend that you revisit the 2002 article, “The Case for Empire,” in which the writer, Jonathan V. Last, attempts to explain why the Empire is actually a force for good and the rebels are agents of evil. While you’re at it, you should also reread our April Fool’s Day joke from 2011, entitled “Star Wars Prequels Unreasonably Dangerous and Defective, South Carolina Federal Court Finds.” And, of course, go see the new movie. We’re wondering how long we should wait before commenting upon the film, as we certainly don’t want to share any details or spoil the experience for anyone. The safest course of action: Wait two years.

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