Friday Links


Okay, it’s just a week now until the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we here at Abnormal Use can’t wait to see it. We’re cautiously optimistic, as we were burned by the awfulness of the prequels in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. But the film at least appears to have taken a turn in a different direction. Rest assured, though, if the flip is a dud, we’ll comment.

So, today, at the offices of Gallivan, White, & Boyd, P.A.., things will be a bit hectic for one simple reason: Bruce Springsteen tickets go on sale. As popular culture tasks go, few things are more stressful than attempting to purchase concert tickets at the moment that they go on sale. We have a bit of a tradition here at the firm; many of us are Springsteen fans, and we often see the Boss in concert when he performs nearby (whether it be in Greenville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Atlanta, or elsewhere). Fortunately, this morning, the fans at the firm succeeded in their quest to purchase tickets for the upcoming Atlanta show. If you’re there also, be certain to look for us! (Oh, and by the way, be certain to revisit this March 2012 post and this June 2011 post in which we talk about the firm’s experiences at a Springsteen concerts.).

Our legal tweet of the week concerns legal networking and Twitter:

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