Friday Links


We can’t bring ourselves to see the new Fantastic Four movie, but its release did inspire us to investigate old Fantastic Four comic book covers. Take a look at the cover of Fantastic Four #9, published way, way back in 1962. Okay, so it appears from the cover of this issue that the members of the team have been evicted. Who brought that proceeding against them? Which firm felt comfortable litigating against The Thing? Were they defendants in their individual capacities? Did they sign the lease as individuals? It appears that they are attempting to avoid publicity as they vacate the premises. If so, why are Reed Richards and Sue Storm in costume? Why has the human torch activated his powers to carry his suitcases from the building? Are those suitcases not flammable?

If Westlaw Next is truly akin to New Coke, won’t they be bringing back Westlaw Classic? We can only hope.

Here’s some news: Kyle White’s recent post on the memory issues of asbestos plaintiffs was linked on Overlawyered!

Our favorite tweet of late comes come related to the ABA Journal’s next hackathon, which is coming to North Carolina. Behold:

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