Abnormal Use and the Halloween CLE!

As you know, we here at Abnormal Use occasionally speak at – or even plan – CLE conferences and seminars. 2015 is no exception, and our editor, Jim Dedman, has just assembled a heckuva Halloween CLE in conjunction with the Mecklenburg County Bar.

If you seek some frightful legal topics about which to learn, check these out:

Statutory Horror: Actual Laws Governing the Supernatural and Occult
A ghastly look into the real laws that govern the occult and the supernatural in North Carolina. This program will delve into the obscure laws on the books preventing you from falling into classic horror film clichés. We will look at haunted houses, mysterious cults, graveyards, and much more, all the while relying on very real cases, statutes, and governmental regulations addressing these very strange circumstances.

Alienation of Affection: The Cause of Action that Refuses to Die
Alienation of affection remains our state’s scariest cause of action.  Although most states have abandoned this ancient tort, it refuses to die here in North Carolina. Equally frightening is criminal conversation, a closely tied tort sounding in strict liability.  This program will address both of these concepts in detail, including the elements of each, practical considerations in filing and trying such suits, and the perils of pursuing these claims.

The Ashley Madison Hack: Legal Frights Waiting To Happen
Of course, by now, you’ve heard about the Ashley Madison website, which purports to facilitate adultery by linking married individuals through its dating website. You’ve also likely heard about the hack of that website and the release of information relating to its subscribers and their various “preferences.” There may be no more terrifying news for parties in family law cases or tort litigants pursuing loss of consortium claims! This presentation will discuss the potential litigation issues that could arise from this hack and others like it.

Strange But True: Uncommon Malpractice Cases and Ethics Violations
You’ve heard the old adage, you can’t make this stuff up?  This program will offer true stories of uncommon challenges to lawyers and the malpractice cases and ethics violations they cause.  You’ll leave with our top tips to avoid the same fate from such bugaboos like:

– The Horrors of Email Scammers – This Client is Too Good to Be True
– When Slimy Clients Sue Their Attorneys
– The Lie Down With Snakes Cases
– Angry Partners and Ugly Firm Breakups — Firm Dysfunction May Cause Ethical Heartburn
– Ignore Warning Signs at Your Peril – Keep an Eye on Your Partner
– The Incredible Hulk Claims – Unrestrained Anger Will Get You in Trouble

That’s right, folks! Those are the four components of the CLE, titled “Scary Laws, Torts, and Crimes (and Ashley Madison): A Halloween CLE,” which will be held on October 29 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Registration information can be found here.

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