Reflections on iCivics Day

About this time last year, we ran a post inspired by participation in iCivics Day, which involves lawyers speaking at various schools around the community about the mechanics of the United States government.  This week, we participated in iCivics Day again, and we are again inspired to post regarding the experience.

Obviously, it is never a bad thing to volunteer in the community. The community benefits, and so does the volunteer. If you do nothing else in the community, we would argue that every lawyer should speak to a group of children about being a lawyer.

Children genuinely care about what lawyers do. They want to know war stories. They want to know what a lawyer does on a daily basis.  There will inevitably be children in the class who have already decided to be lawyers, and they want to know how to become one.

Perhaps the most fulfilling part of the experience is that children understand that lawyers are part of one of the most noble and honorable professions in the free world. Lawyers work with the basic fabric of our civilization – the law. Lawyers test the legal system to make sure it is still working. Lawyers defend laws. Lawyers challenge laws. Lawyers ensure that their clients’ legal rights are protected, and that accordingly, everyone’s rights are protected.

Bottom line: Get out there and talk to some students about what we do.  You will like it, the kids will like it, and the teacher will like it.  If you want to know more about iCivics day, and what you can do to get involved, you can visit the iCivics website, or we are sure that our own Lindsay Joyner would love to tell you more about how to become involved.

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