Friday Links


Above, you’ll find the cover of Police Comics #94, published way, way back in 1949. As you can see, it depicts a courtroom setting, and we’re a bit surprised that we’ve just now chanced across it after five years of searching for such covers. The noted hero Plastic Man is apparently on trial, as the cover asks, “Plastic Man . . . Guilty?” He’s obviously not doing himself any favors with his courtroom antics, and to be honest, we’re surprised the court allowed him to wear goggles during his trial.

Did you see that the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog cited our post this week on defective chicken nuggets? We published our post – by intrepid blogger Kyle White – yesterday morning, and just a number of hours later, we learned that the folks at the WSJ had seen fit to link our piece in their own story. How about that? (Click here for our original post on the defective chicken nuggets and here for the WSJ Law Blog‘s piece).

There’s news on the now infamous Led Zeppelin “Stairway To Heaven” litigation! See here for more!

Our favorite tweet – and article – of the week comes from that publication of publication, The Onion. Who knew they riffed on products liability issues?

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