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So, as you know, dear readers, we are in the habit of posting legally themed comic book covers on our Friday posts. After five years of doing so, it’s become increasingly more difficult to find such covers. We often rely on a series of wonderful comic book websites to assist us in our searches for such covers, and it is not uncommon for us to input law related search terms into the search fields of the website at issue. This week, we input the search term “police,” to see if there might be some sort of criminal procedure we could explore in the comic book world. This search led us to the comic book series above, Jughead’s Time Police.

Just look at that cover. “Jughead! No! Don’t eat that spaghetti! You’re destroying the whole world!”

Here’s how Comicvine describes the narrative of the short lived series:

Short-lived science fiction series by Archie Comics. Jughead is recruited into the Time Police, a crosstime organization devoted to guarding the timestream from paradoxes and alterations. His partner and love interest is January McAndrews from the 29th century.

This is the greatest idea in the history of world literature. We are crestfallen to learn that the series lasted but six issues.

On an unrelated note, who watched HBO’s “The Jinx”? Any thoughts?

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