Friday Links


Above, you’ll find the cover of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #23, published not so long ago in the halcyon days of 1990. We’re not entirely certain what is occurring here on the cover, but with the exclamation “Lawyers!” prominently displayed thereupon, our curiosity is piqued. The description from Comicvine is not particularly helpful (at least to us):

Onyx the dwarf owes a debt to the mysterious Lawyers and not even the mighty wizard Khelben and the Lord of Waterdeep himself, Peirgeiron, may be able to help him. This is an adventure that may take the Invincible One to the very Gates of Hell! 

The lawyers must be rather formidable if even the mighty wizard Khelben may not be of assistance right?

Radiohead’s album, The Bends, was released 20 years ago today. It features “Fake Plastic Trees,” a nearly perfect rock song.

You can now find the North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions online. Click here.

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