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So, above is the cover of City of Heroes #6, published not so long ago in 2004. You may recall that back in August of last year we showed you the cover of issue #5, which begins the “Jury Duty” storyline in this comic book series. The cover depicts the hero Apex, who had previously received a jury summons in the preceding issue. But how does a superhero receive a jury summons? How would the relevant governmental entity know where to serve a summons upon the hero (or that the hero in question was from the proper jury pool)? Further, if the summons itself was addressed to the real name of the hero who calls himself Apex, why then did he show up to the courthouse in costume? These are good questions.

Friend of the blog Tamara Tabo recently appeared on MSNBC’s “The Docket” in order to discuss her recent piece in Above The Law about the legal implications of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In fact, in an email, she gave us some grief (perhaps well deserved) for not including a link to her post in our own similar blog entry earlier this week. Well, we remedy that error here! To watch the MSNBC segment, please click here.

We were saddened to hear of the loss of former Baylor Law School professor Matt Dawson, who passed away this week at age 98. Information on his life can be found here. He was also instrumental in making Baylor Law’s famed Practice Court program what it is today.

In case you missed it, our own Howard Boyd authored his first blog entry this week. Check it out here if you have not before.

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