Friday Links


Although we’ve previously written about Lou Reed’s Mistrial album, we were previously unfamiliar with this bootleg, Lou Reed On Trial . . . (which notes that it was “as recorded by his lawyer.”) You can read a bit more about this album over at Discogs (a valuable site for those obsessed with music and rare albums). It was recorded live in Philadelphia in 1989, apparently, and of course, he played the song “Mistrial” at the concert in question. Sadly, we here at Abnormal Use were never able to see Lou Reed live. Alas.

On a somewhat related music note, we missed the fortieth anniversary of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. A fantastic album, that. (Hat Tip: Ben Dungan).

Here’s an interesting article from Connectivity: “How to Live-Tweet a Conference.” As you’ll soon see, this may come in handy.

Well, since Google Fiber is apparently coming to North Carolina, we’ll have to start reading the Google Fiber Blog. (Hat Tip: Erik Mazzone).

Two weeks from today, on February 13, 2015, the Charlotte School of Law’s Law Review is sponsoring a symposium entitled “For Your Eyes Only: Where Privacy Ends and the Law Begins.” For more information on that event (including the ripped from the headlines program agenda), click here.

Our favorite tweet of the week is from our editor:

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