Friday Links


“I’m about to commit my first crime – and you, Batman, are about to be the victim!” exclaims Superman on the cover of World’s Finest #180, published way, way back in 1968. We believe him! However, the title of the story appears to be “Superman’s Perfect Crime,” and we must dispute that characterization. If Superman is attempting to commit the perfect crime, then perhaps he should refrain from literally shouting his confession from the rooftop in broad daylight.

If you like tweets about medical malpractice trials, this tweet might be the one for you.

Did you see this article in The Charlotte Observer this week about the proposed new regulations for food trucks? If not, click here for the story by Caroline McMillan Portillo. Speaking of food trucks, our editor, Jim Dedman, has planned a CLE on Food Truck Law in conjunction with the Mecklenburg County Bar Association. Best part: The CLE – which will start at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 22, will be at the Unknown Brewery in near Charlotte’s South End. For more information on the CLE, click here.

Speaking of our editor, he’s now on Twitter. You can follow him here at @JimDedman.

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