Friday Links


On the cover of House of Secrets #58, defendant Mark Merlin finds himself in a strange court indeed. His fear: that his defense lawyer is “in league” with the strange beats who serve on the judicial tribunal. We don’t know how things turned out for poor Mr. Merlin, but if his suspicions proved true, we hope that he file a grievance with the bar of which his defense counsel was a member.

You simply must see these photographs of the 1966 demolition of the Fresno County Courthouse. Wow. (Original source: The Fresno Bee).

The talent buyer associate for Transmission Events, a company that handles booking of rock bands in Austin, Texas, is named Marcus Lawyer. How cool is that? (See here more information about Mr. Lawyer and rock music in Austin).

A social media tip from the Columbia, South Carolina Free Times:  “If you’re doing something illegal, you might want to keep a low profile on social media. A 30-year-old man had some run-ins with the authorities. After the man posted something incriminating on social media, the authorities were able to get a warrant; they arrested the suspect and charged him with intent to distribute. Next time you feel like posting about your illegal activities online, just resist the urge and go to a porn site like everyone else.”

By the way, we enjoyed meeting everyone at the DRI Products Liability Conference in Phoenix this week. We hope that everyone has safe travels on the way home from this event.

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