Friday Links

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and since we’re such cynical lawyers, we do not have much to offer on such sentimental topics. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, we were once told by someone. Well, the least we can do is present you with the cover of Teen-Age Temptations #5, which features a curious courtroom scene. As a stern judge looks down from the bench, a woman points at a witness and tells the jury: “She’s the one! She led my son to ruin! She’s got a lavish love nest, furs and jewels! That was my lifetime savings!” Well, we certainly understand the woman’s anger, if that is the case, but we can’t understand why she, herself, is addressing the jury. Is this a civil proceeding? It must be, as we doubt she is a prosecutor. Did she bring the case pro se? If so, why is she addressing the jury directly at a point in the the proceedings when a witness is on the stand? Where is the witnesses’s lawyer in all of this? Shouldn’t that lawyer be objecting?

As you might have heard, we here at Abnormal Use – as denizens of the East Coast – have suffered through a bit of a weather problem this week. There was snow everywhere! However, we are happy to report that today all of our offices are once again open. We hope to be posting some snow pictures later.

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