Friday Links

Way, way back in 1959, Orson Welles starred in the film Compulsion, based on the Leopold and Loe murder trial.  Apparently, the courtroom scene was so powerful that it was released on vinyl – the cover of which you’ll see above. The sleeve proclaims: “Here is the dramatic courtroom scene from COMPULSION where Orson Welles, as Jonathan Will, appeals to the court to spare the lives of two accused teenage murders. The portrayal by Mr. Welles is one of the screen’s greatest moments. The words are those of one of history’s greatest criminal lawyers, Clarence Darrow.” To see the back cover, click here.

Friend of the blog Alberto Bernabe, who himself blogs at the Torts Blog, shares a photograph of a warning sign at a local skating and sled hill.  See it for yourself here.

Survivor, the band, has sued its record company!

Over at CNN, attorney Patrick Krill has an important article worthy of your attention: “Why lawyers are prone to suicide.” According to this piece, Mr. Krill is the director of the Legal Professionals Program at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center. Please take a moment to read it. We learned about this article when we noticed that he had linked one of our own prior pieces on the subject, that being this 2012 blog post by our own Stuart Mauney.

Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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