Friday Links

Okay, let us tell you something. After three and a half years, it is getting really, really difficult to find legal themed comic books covers.  Each week, we scour the Earth – literally, we are scouring – to find an acceptable new image for Friday Links. We do this for you, our dears readers, but of late, it’s become a challenging task. So you can imagine our elation when we discovered the 1950’s comic book series, Public Defender in Action (about which we previously knew nothing). Above, you’ll see the cover of issue #7, published way, way back in 1956.  We assume that Richard Manning, the lawyer looking gentlemen with the “Richard Manning, Public Defender” is, in fact, the title character. (We wonder if he ever encountered the title character of the comic book series, Mr. District Attorney.). We will delve into this series more in the immediate future.

Over at Lawyerist, Gyi Tsakalakis asks that question of questions: “Should You Allow Comments On Your Law Blog?

The North Carolina Law Blog is now hosting “Business Development Fridays.” See here for the first edition of that series.

In his column this week, the Panic Street Lawyer talks briefly about the RIAA litigation.

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