Friday Links

We don’t know too much about the Criminals on the Run comic book series, but when we saw the cover of the seventh issue (published way, way back in 1949, we knew we had to run it here. As you can see, it features the most awesome crime fighting technique we’ve ever seen. There is really nothing more to say on this matter, no?

Here’s a fun case excerpt that we found from the early days of Internet cases: “In the colorful argot of computers, a ‘worm’ is a program that travels from one computer to another but does not attach itself to the operating system of the computer it ‘infects.’ It differs from a ‘virus,’ which is also a migrating program, but one that attaches itself to the operating system of any computer it enters and can infect any other computer that uses files from the infected computer.” United States v. Morris, 928 F.2d 504 (2d Cir. 1991).

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