Friday Links

Above is the cover of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Digging In The Ashes, which we bring to you due to the sad passing of Mr. Clancy last week at the age of 66.We knew there had to be at least one comic book adaptation of the work of Mr. Clancy, and of course, there was. According to the Internet, this issue was a limited edition digital comic book published back in 2010. We weren’t big readers of Clancy’s work, but we loved the movies based on it. There was nothing in 1990 like The Hunt for Red October. Those were the days, no?

Did you read the New York magazine interview with Justice Scalia? If not, you can do so here.

Dogfish Head is making a beer made with moon dust!

Friend of the blog Steve McConnell, himself of the Drug and Device Law blog, compares a recent qui tam action to a famous scene from The Godfather II. How about that?

If you’re following the news arising from the various former members of the punk band Black Flag suing themselves, here’s the latest.

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