Friday Links

In honor of Labor Day, above, we showcase the cover of JLA: Welcome To The Working Week #1.  (JLA, of course, stands for the Justice League of America, whose members include Batman, Superman, and the rest.). Here’s how Comicvine describes the plot:

How does the JLA act behind closed doors? You’re about to find out! When Marlus Randone stows away on the JLA Watchtower, he relies on his notebook and disposable camera to document the petty squabbles and inside decisions made by the members of the JLA.

Now, we expect that a day at the office of the JLA Watchtower – which Wikipedia tells us is either “a building on Earth’s moon [or] a space-station in orbit in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon – is no typical day at the office.  Whatever the case, we suspect that JLA was forced to remove its daily operations to the moon or to outer space because their unique issues simply aren’t contemplated by modern employment law. Perhaps this issue would shed some light on that predicament.

If you’re into writing tips, here are “Elmore Leonard’s 10 Simple Rules For Writing.”

“Protect Our Super-Rights!” A few years back, we shared some labor themed comic book covers.  Do you remember? If not, you can revisit those here.

Okay, you’ve had a long week. So have we.  But as you prepare for this holiday weekend, there is something in your future that will bring you much joy.  Yes, that’s right, all five monster cereals are returning! Even Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy!

Speaking of odd food products, are you ready for Pepsi-flavored Cheetos?  PepsiCo doesn’t think so, according to this article.

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