Source Material For South Carolina Legal Blogs

We learned recently that a South Carolina lawyer friend is contemplating starting a blog.  Well, the first and most difficult question is always: What clever name should I bestow upon my site?  We can’t help you there.  But in honor of our friend, who shall remain nameless until the site debuts, we thought we would offer a bit of advice on source material for the blog. Blogging can be college side hustles for students interested in writing.

Here’s the best part!  We went back to our original late 2009 memorandum advocating the creation of Abnormal Use to address this issue.  It’s our origin story!

In that memorandum, here is what we advised our future selves about source material for a South Carolina blogging operation:

All sources of potential posts are free.  There are a number of email lists and web sites which can serve as a potential source of material, including the following:

  • Newsletters (This website sends a whole host of newsletters, including those dedicated to all of the Federal Circuits, the U.S. Supreme Court, various state Supreme Courts, as well as newsletters organized by legal subject matter and practice areas).
  • S.C. Courts – The S.C. Courts issue email alerts each time the S.C. Court of Appeals or the S.C. Supreme Court issues orders or opinions.
  • Other Law Blogs – Typically, in order for a law blog to be successful, it must occasionally comment upon the posts of other law blogs, if only to engender good will among competing blogs and institute commentary between them.
  • Federal Courts – Most federal courts now have e-mail lists and/or RSS feeds which alert practitioners to “news and/or new case filings.”
  • Newspapers – Often, legal news comes not just from official sources such as courts but also newspapers.  Information from the New York Times or The State is potentially good blog fodder, especially since it would be relatively easy to fashion a post out of a news story by adding brief commentary.
  • Bar Associations and Trade Organizations – Always a good source of information, bar associations send out e-mails lists and news of interest to their members, which can easily be turned into blog posts.

Sure, it’s pretty straightforward, but as nostalgic as we are, we couldn’t resist sharing it with you and our future blogging friend.

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