Public Service Announcement: Beautiful Music for Beautiful Minds

In a departure from the usual, we offer this Abnormal Public Service Announcement.

As previously reported at Abnormal Use, I served as Chair of the South Carolina Bar HELP Task Force which was formed to educate lawyers, judges and law students about depression, suicide and substance abuse.  You can read my previous post on “The Lawyers’ Epidemic” here.  I am continuing my interest in mental health issues by serving on the Board of Directors of Gateway House, a non-profit clubhouse which provides rehab services to the severely mentally ill in the Greenville, South Carolina, community.

As with any non-profit, community support is vital to the development of Gateway’s programs.  On August 9, 2013, Gateway presents “Beautiful Music for Beautiful Minds,” featuring the music of local band Stereo Reform.  This community event will be held at Zen, 924 South Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina.  Tickets are $50.00 each, and include hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction and beverages.

All proceeds benefit Gateway.

You may buy your tickets or make a donation online at or by calling 864-242-9193.

Gateway’s proven and unique clubhouse model offers the greatest hope for long-term success for adults with mental illness.  Why?  Because Gateway provides members with a sense of hope, confidence and belonging.  Gateway does this by offering a world of opportunities to develop social, educational and employment skills.

At Gateway, the focus is not on the treatment of mental illness, but on helping members become as productive and independent as possible.  Programs include Transitional Employment which gives members the opportunity to work in competitive jobs in business and industry, rather than in sheltered workshops or created jobs.  Most of these jobs are part-time and last from six to nine months.  Members gain experience, confidence and a sense of accomplishment, improving their chances for living a more productive life.

One of the key principles of the clubhouse model is to provide meaningful work.  Gateway does this by providing a day program in which members participate in various work units.  This includes the kitchen unit where members plan meals, shop for groceries, and prepare and serve breakfast and lunch on a daily basis.  Members also operate the member bank which allows members to deposit and save money, write checks and pay bills, and learn to manage and budget their money.  Finally, members operate the clerical unit, which involves recording clubhouse data and information daily, transitional employment wages and hours, and the compilation of monthly reports.  The clerical unit is also responsible for recording clubhouse attendance and handling all financial billing.

On behalf of the Gateway members and their families, thank you for your support!

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