The Results Are In: The Latest Wacky Warning Contest

As you know, this is a products liability blog, and we very often writing about product warnings. In so doing, we’ve previously blogged about the annual Wacky Warning Contest sponsored by Bob Dorigo Jones and the Center for America.  Well, the five finalists of the 16th Annual Wacky Warning Contest have been announced, and so of course, we  had to bring that to your attention.

Our favorite of the final five:

“Not for contact lenses or direct use in eyes.”  A warning on a small bottle of spray-on anti-fog cleaner submitted by Melanie Champagne of Raeford, North Carolina.

Not for human consumption.”  A warning on a package of rubber worms made for fishing submitted by Lars Eckberg of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Sometimes, these warnings are prompted by actual events, and we shudder to think who ate the rubber fishing worms.  Yuck.

You can find the full list and accompanying announcement on the website of Bob Dorigo Jones here.

Don’t forget! Way back in July of 2011, we interviewed Bob Dorigo Jones, and you can read the transcript here.

(Hat tip: Overlawyered).

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