Tax Day

Today is Tax Day. You all know what that means (especially if you have read the Wikipedia entry for “Tax Day”).  Above, you’ll find the cover of Tick: Big Tax Time Terror #1, published not so long ago in 2000. Here’s the description of the comic from Comicvine:

Yes, The Tick is way overdue for squaring his accounts with the government. The urgent demands of a super-hero life is no excuse for being late with your taxes. Share the terror as The Tick confronts the ultimate challenge, a menace beyond the power of even ten super-powered do-gooders. Chill and thrill to this cold sweat nightmare of the Tax Man!

I suppose an alternative name of the issue could have been “Battle of the Forms.”  (Whoa, that was a really bad Contracts joke.). Did you see that one of the monstrous tax forms is called the “U.S. Superhero Sidekick Excise Tax Return?

Our eyes are too poor to tell what the other forms are named.

Whatever the case, don’t forget to file your taxes today.

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