Friday Links

Above, you’ll find the cover of Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth #1, published not so long ago in 2012.  It’s funny to think that there have been legal themed comic book covers brought into existence after we started this blogging thing. Wow. However, we must confess that we have never heard of Brik Jones, and we find it hard to believe that his client is Earth.  I mean, his client is the planet? Who would he present as his representative for a 30(b)(6) deposition?

Well, you might have  noticed that the site suffered a brief outage yesterday.  Rest assured, dear friends, we have rectified the issue, and it will trouble you no more.  (We were told it was a minor, but thankfully ephemeral, hosting issue.). Thanks to the eagle-eyed readers who first noticed the issue and brought it to our attention.  This blogging thing can get complicated!

Here is an interesting article from The Daily Texan, the official student paper of The University of Texas at Austin, detailing how the University enforces its trademark. (Hat tip: The Daily Texan Twitter Account.).

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