GWB’s Howard Boyd on March Madness

One of the great things about our firm is the flood of sports related emails which deluge our email inboxes on the eve of any big contest. This is a big part of our firm culture, in fact. March Madness is no exception.  Inevitably, Howard Boyd, senior name partner of the firm, shares his wisdom with the recipients of such emails. Today, we couldn’t resist sharing the email he sent at 8:41 PM this past Friday night:

Some of you are aware that Florida is playing a directional school tonight – Northwestern Louisiana State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. I am confident I am probably the only one in the firm who has actually been to Natchitoches and watched the Purple Demons play. While stationed at Fort Polk in the Army in 1973, I went up there to watch Robert Parish, then a freshman at Centenary, play against NSU. He was as good as advertised, and he went on to a great college and pro career. I and a few hundred fans rattled around a high school like gym to watch that game that night. Glad to see the Demons in the Big Dance. They have come a long way. Not to be confused with the infamous USL (University of Southwestern Louisiana),  which was an outlaw program which received the death penalty after Dwight “Bo” Lamar led them to a near NCAA title before they were caught for 125 major recruiting violations in 1973. Centenary also got probation for recruiting Parrish – the nation’s best big guy who inexplicably signed with little Centenary.

Northwestern State ultimately fell to Florida.


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