Friday Links

Above, you’ll find the cover of Simpsons Comics #108, published not so long ago in 2005.   This is yet another comic book cover where a line-up is not exactly constitutional, as the defendants all look so very different.  Sigh.  We would have identified Homer (who predictably, but suspiciously in this context, holding a doughnut).  We’re sure it was him, whatever the offense may have been.

In last week’s edition of Friday Links, we featured the cover of Real Fact Comics #19, which featured a a self styled “Camera Cop” taking photographs of a crime as it happened. One reader emailed to note: “Since the camera sees exactly what the police officer sees, it appears that the photos would be classic illustrative testimony dependent on the testimony of the officer for foundation.”

The other day, when attempting to visit our own website, we accidentally entered the URL address  We guess that works, too, to describe commentary on unusual lawsuits.

Oh, and beware The Ides of March today.

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