Friday Links

So, apparently, Hollywood made yet another Die Hard film. Really? That prompts us to direct your attention to the cover of Die Hard: Year One #1, published by BOOM Studios! back in 2009. That series shows us the origins of John McClane, the street smart New York Cop played by Bruce Willis in the films.  We wonder how much Supreme Court criminal procedure jurisprudence McClane’s time on the force would have generated were he a real police officer. The narrative, apparently, takes place during the Bicentennial in 1976.  We’d rather see that as a movie than another tired sequel starring Bruce Willis in the role, but hey, that’s just us.  Alas.

Maybe this dispute between Justin Bieber and the drummer for The Black Keys will lead to litigation.  Maybe.

Remember in the days before the Internet when you could safely avoid spoilers of your favorite films and television shows? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that we were never, ever safe from pop culture spoilers.  Behold: the first Star Wars spoiler, back in 1978!

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