Friday Links

Okay, it’s come to this. We are now featuring not our first – but our second – cover of Simpsons Comics here at Abnormal Use.  So, depicted above is Simpsons Comics #107, published not so long ago in 2005. It prominently features Homer Simpsons, not as himself, but as Lady Justice. Yikes.  (Note this is quite a different take on Lady Justice than Marvel used in a recent Daredevil series.). Comicvine summarizes the plot of this issue as follows: “Homer wins Gil’s law license in a bar bet, and soon becomes Springfield’s newest and hottest lawyer, winning cases with showstopping pyrotechnics. But when Bart is accused of setting Springfield Elementary on fire, Homer’s career may crash and burn.” You know, we might have to check that one out.

Behold: the origin of the phrase “caught red handed.”

You know, of course, that we here at Abnormal Use are huge nerds.  But did you know that, 30 years ago, this was our favorite arcade game?

If did not see this sad, sad cartoon strip from The Oatmeal last week, maybe you should investigate.  It is a tear jerker. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. We have no liability if you get all misty eyed.

Here is a Torts Exam question from Sasha Volokh. Try it, if you will.  (Hat tip: Overlawyered).

And finally: Yikes!

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