Friday Links

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas week. Above, you’ll find the cover of Marvel Holiday Special #1994, published way back in December of 1994. Those were the days, weren’t they? Ah, 1994. Let us pause to reflect upon the simpler times of that era. Maybe we’re just nostalgic for that era because we weren’t quite lawyers yet then. Oh, well.

Tweet of the week, from @TweetsOfOld, which takes old newspaper blurbs and republishes them as tweets: “The Seattle courts have ruled that a dog has a right to bite a man that steps on the dog’s tail. IL1911” We would love to track down that opinion. Surely there’s a way to track that down, no?

Check out this recent interview with Shauna Barnes, the general counsel of Delaware’s wonderful Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, conducted by Don Tartaglione of The Natonal Law Journal. Our reaction: How awesome must it be to serve as general counsel for a craft beer company? (Hat Tip: Beer Pulse). A somewhat relevant aside: Remember back in May of 2011, when we interviewed Adam Avery of the Avery Brewery, about his company’s Collaboration Not Litigation Ale? If not, see here.

Whoa! Our writer Rob Green was cited on The Volokh Conspiracy! See here! Whoa again!

Our friends at The Law and the Multiverse blog ask: “Can you get a restraining order against Santa Claus?” One of these days, we need to square off with those guys in a pop culture mock trial.

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