Friday Links

Well, if you’re reading this, we may have actually survived the 2012 apocalypse.  That, or the end of the world is just a bit tardy.  To observe this unusual occasion, we direct your attention to the cover of Doomsday +1 #1, published way, way back in July of 1975. The noted website Comicvine describes the plot as follows: “After a nuclear holocaust wipes out humanity three astronauts return to Earth, team-up with a newly thawed-out caveman and have loads of exciting adventures.” (To learn more about the series, click here.).

As we previously mentioned, the ABA Journal named us to the Blawg 100, the list of their favorite legal blogs in the nation. As you read these words, the ABA Journal is asking its readers to vote for their favorites, as well. We’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to vote for us! Today is the last day you can do so. To vote, please go here.

Since it’s the holiday season, we direct you to “12 Toys From the 1980s That Didn’t Take Off.” How many of them do you remember?

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