Friday Links

We here at Abnormal Use and Gallivan, White, & Boyd, P.A. hope you had a swell Thanksgiving holiday yesterday!

Above you’ll find the cover of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #15, published way, way back in 1941.  December of 1941, to be exact.  Wow.  We revisit a lot of old comic book covers here at Abnormal Use, and many of them are many decades old.  But when you stop and think about the publication date of December 1941, it’s astonishing to consider what the people who first saw or bought this issue at that time were doing and thinking that month. December of 1941 is one of those eras you learn about in the history books, and it’s always somewhat jarring to see the artifacts of everyday life pop up from such a notable time period. And how about that ten cent cover price, too?

Whatever the case, it looks like Donald Duck had an eventful Thanksgiving that year.

Yesterday, we here at Abnormal Use saw Steven Spielberg’s new film, Lincoln, and we were pleased to see actor Raynor Scheine in a brief cameo as a member of the House of Representatives.  As you may recall, in My Cousin Vinny, Scheine played Ernie Crane, the eyewitness for the prosecution whose ability to see through a dirty window, trees, vegetation, and foliage is fodder for Vinny during cross examination. As you also may recall, we interviewed Scheine earlier this year as a part of our coverage of My Cousin Vinny‘s 20th anniversary, and in that piece, Scheine let us know that he’d “just had a call back audition for Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln he’s doing here in Virginia.”  We’re glad he got the part!

Please check out this recent blog entry at Comics Alliance dedicated to Thanksgiving comic book covers!

Happy belated blog birthday to our friends at the great legal tech blog, iPhone J.D.! Way, way back in January of 2011, we here at Abnormal Use interviewed Jeff Richardson, the author of iPhone J.D. Click here to revisit that fateful post!

How I Fry A Turkey,” by Brian Comer of the South Carolina Products Liability Law Blog.  Enough said.